Welcome to All The King's Horses. We're a non profit equestrian outreach benefiting youth in the Montgomery Texas area.

There is something special about seeing a child and a horse together. One is much larger and stronger yet both expectantly watch the other. One takes the first step while the other might pause before returning the gesture. Sometimes it’s the horse that begins the process and sometimes it’s the child. But, given time and opportunity you can be sure that each will be drawn to the other.

At All The King’s Horses kids learn the elements of good horsemanship. We applaud their achievement and recognize hard work as various goals are attempted and met. Sometimes meeting one small goal after another builds enough ‘heart’ to go forward even when facing difficult challenges. Many kids are in that place right now. Sometimes the soft muzzle of a horse and an encouraging word from us can help nudge them along. We hope to encourage all to believe that they have purpose in life now and hope for the future. Our horses offer a way to help do that without ever being able to say a word.

All The King's Horses • 21211 West FM 1097• Montgomery, TX 77356 (MAP QUEST US)
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